Benro MeFoto Travel Tripod Review

Benro MeFoto

     A while back I was looking for a travel tripod that was light enough to carry on hikes, hold a full frame camera, and one that would fit easily inside a camera backpack or checked luggage. I am happy to say the Benro MeFoto travel tripod has fit the bill. It is small (12.5″ folded), light (2.6 lbs.), and sturdy (can hold 8.8 lbs).  I can fit this tripod into any of my camera backpacks or attach it outside, my choice.


     The tripod has 5 segment legs with twist locks. The legs can be independently adjusted to 2 positions: wide or narrow. MeFoto uses a ball head and can be rotated via a separate pan screw with a scale labelled in 360 degree increments. There are 3 rubber coated knobs on the head; one for panning, one for the ball and one for the quick release plate. The center column extends 6 inches for added height and there is even a handy spring loaded retractable hook if a weight bag is required for stability.

Ball head with separate pan knob


     The quick release plate is an Arca-Swiss style. It can slide back and forth approximately 3/4 of an inch and there is a scale for the focal plane for pano-photography. Mounted next to the quick release plate is a small (tiny) bubble level.

     The size and weight of this tripod gives me the freedom to carry a tripod to places I would otherwise not be able to, like on a back packing trip where weight is a concern or on a plane where there is lack of luggage space.

     The MeFoto comes in 5 colors: gold, blue, green, red, and titanium, and retails for $139.


     Folded 12.5 inches
     Minimum height is 22.8 inches
     Maximum height is 45.5 inches
     Maximum height with center column fully extended is 51.5 inches

Shown with legs in the wide position 


Leg catch showing the 2 positions

Update 10/31/2013

     I have been using my Mefoto tripod for over a year and I have to say it has come in handy. It is rigid enough to hold all my gear steady and light enough to be easy to carry around all day. In a year of medium to heavy use, travelling in all sorts of weather the tripod shows little wear and has held up well to all the abuse I have given it. It is a well made tripod and one that I would recommend.