Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Governors Palace

     One of my most favorite places in the country to visit is Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia which is located halfway between Norfolk and Richmond there you will find some of the earliest European settlements, and an area with direct ties to America’s Founding Fathers. Williamsburg is at the heart of the Historic Triangle which includes Jamestown and Yorktown. Williamsburg took shape early in the 20th century with the help of men like John D Rockefeller Jr. and W. A. R. Goodwin who set out to rebuild this historic town just as it looked in the 1700’s. Work began in 1926 to rebuild the buildings that were lost and to restore the ones in dacay. Today you can walk through Colonial Williamsburg and feel like Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry. The buildings in the historic district are functional and perform duties that contribute to the town. There is a blacksmith, furniture maker, printer, shops, courthouse, and even a brick maker on site that makes bricks the way they made them 300 years ago which are then used for building new structures and upkeep of existing ones.
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