Pocket Light Meter iPhone App Review

      Another one of my favorite iPhone apps is Pocket Light Meter from Nuwaste Studios. The app functions much like a photographers light meter, allowing you to quickly change settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Once you have the ISO and aperture you want just point your iPhone’s camera at a scene and the app dials in the correct shutter speed. If you decide you don’t like the shutter speed, change it and the app will adjust the aperture. As you click around the scene the red box moves to where you point and re-adjusts the settings as needed. The app works much like any spot meter, measuring one spot at a time.
      I have played around with this app now for about a week and I am surprised at how accurate it was able to dial in an exposure, especially since it was free. The shutter speed is adjustable from 1/8000 to 47 sec. Aperture is adjustable from f/0.7 to f/512, which far exceeding any lens in my bag. The ISO range is .8 to 102,400. As you move your iPhone around the meter is always changing. To save a setting you like for future reference, simply click the save button and a snap shot is saved along with the settings to your camera roll. There is also a hold button which allows you to freeze the screen and hold the settings. Because it’s free, expect the usual adds on top of the screen. Worth it I think for all this app can do.
     To see some pics where I adjusted exposure using this app click here