One of My Favorite Free Photography iPhone Apps

     One of my more favorite iPhone apps is the Magic Hour app by Elfinda Apps. This app uses your current location and lets you know when the sun light will be best for taking pictures. This time of day is known as “golden hour” or “magic hour” or approx. 1/2 hour before and after sunset or sunrise when the Sun is low on the horizon to give added natural warmth to landscape and other types of photos.
     The app lets you know how long until magic hour starts and also the beginning and ending time. It also shows you precisely when the sunrise or sunset will be. When magic hour begins, the app goes into timer mode and lets you know how much time is left during the current magic hour. When the magic hour is finished the app automatically shows data for when the next magic hour begins and starts to count down.
     To see some of my pics that were taken during magic hour click here.