AA Battery Test Results

     I have tested 3 different types of AA batteries. Testing was done with a Nikon MB-D10 battery grip mounted to a Nikon D700 camera. The grip holds 8 AA batteries. Results can vary depending on temperature, duration of downtime, and other factors. The following results should only be used as a guideline of performance you may expect to see when using different battery types.

Standard alkaline (500-600 pictures)

     With standard alkaline batteries I am able to take between 500 to 600 pictures. These are by far the cheapest battery to buy at a cost of  around $14 for 48 batteries. These batteries may be cheap, but if you shoot a lot they generate e-waste quickly and must be disposed of properly. I generally keep these around as emergency spares.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium (3000+ pictures)

      With Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries I achieved 3200 pictures over a period of 5 days. These were the longest lasting battery I tested and are by far the most expensive at $18 to $20 for 8 batteries. These batteries pack a big punch, are unusually light, pricey, but not re-chargeable. That’s a lot of money to just throw them away when they die.

Sanyo eneloop rechargeable (1500-1700 pictures)

     With Sanyo eneloop batteries I can take 1500 to 1700 pictures. These batteries cost around $25 a set at Costco and includes a charger, 8-AA, and 4-AAA batteries. Also, these are the only rechargeable batteries I have ever tried that worked right out of the box without charging.

     The batteries I will stick with based on my findings are the Sanyo eneloop’s. These offer me the best balance between price and performance. They last longer than traditional alkaline batteries and they hold their charge when not in use better than the big name rechargeable batteries.