Whoa Neli Deli in Lee Vining, California

******************Opening April 27th for the 2012 season********************   

       Every so often in life you come across a place so amazing, so unforgettable, you go out of your way to keep coming back. For some its great scenery such as Yosemite Park. For others its great memories with family at a place like Disneyworld. And then you find a place with absolute drop dead good food, located in an area surrounded by some of the greatest scenery on earth and all the stars seam to align all at once.

     Located near the intersection of highway 395 and Tioga Road is a Mobil gas station. Inside the gas station store you will find the famous Whoa Nellie Deli operated by renowned chef Matt Toomey. Once inside you will find a menu that one would only expect to find at a fine restaurant in San Francisco or New York. You can get such items as Seared Ahi Tuna, Lobster Taquitos, and St. Louis Style Pork Ribs.

Main Menu

Specials Menu

     You are guaranteed two things at Whoa Nellie Deli, large portions and the highest quality food at reasonable prices. Once you order at the takeout menu go outside a grab a seat at one of the numerous picnic tables and take in the breathtaking scenic views of Mono Lake and the backside of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Prime Rib w/ blue cheese demi-glaze
Kansas City Steak Caesar
Fish Tacos

Sandwich menu

      We visited the Whoa Nellie Deli twice on our most recent trip. I tried the fish taco’s which were excellent. They serve them one with mango salsa and the other with ginger cole slaw. I have never been a big fan of mango salsa, however this was the best mango salsa I have ever tried. Both tacos were very flaky with no fishy taste and the black beans were phenomenal. On our way back I ordered the Prime Rib with blue cheese demi glaze. The meal was absolutely stunning. The meat was served bone in and cooked perfectly, the sauce was very balanced and complimented the potatoes and shredded squash very well topped with onion straws. I would drive 200 miles to get this for dinner tonight. Lisa had the Kansas City Steak Caesar and it was equally delicious, the steak was tender and juicy and the salad was topped with a homemade Ceasar dressing making this an outstanding dish. Lisa also had the Sierra Chicken Sandwich which was served with some of the mango salsa, she really liked it. We also tried a slice of bbq chicken pizza, which is hands down the best bbq chicken pizza I have ever tried.

     So next time you come up 395 to Mammoth, Yosemite, or Lake Tahoe swing by and have a great meal.

View from Whoa Nellie Deli